School News

We, the St. Jerome Catholic School Community, are dedicated to the spiritual, academic and character development of our children in the Catholic faith.


Our students are striving to become Faith Followers, Complex Thinkers, Stewards of Social Justice and Life Long Learners. WE ARE…St. Jerome Catholic School!

We have a few new faces joining our faculty this coming year.  Following is a list of the current staff

Principal – Mrs. Barasha

Administrative Assistant – Mrs. Goytia

School Secretary – Mr. de la Rosa

Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten –Mrs. Cassady and Ms. Cortez

Kindergarten –Mrs.  Anzivino

Kindergarten Aides – coming soon

1st Grade – Mrs. Dunn

2nd Grade – Mrs.  Norris

3rd Grade – Mrs. Martinez

4th Grade – Mrs. Molina

5th Grade – Mrs. Kilgore(Math)

6th Grade – Mrs. Miller (Science)

7th Grade –  Mr. Tang (Social Studies)

8th Grade – Mrs. Torzola (ELA)

PE/Athletics – Miss Damiana Detjens

Art/Music/Theater – Mrs. Cota

Extended daycare – Ms. Djetens (Coordinator)

Important notes:

6th-8th grade students are 1:1 in technology. Replacement Chromebooks will be $300.00/Chromebook.  SJS will manage the technology. The Chromebooks are the property of the school and will not be granted to students when they graduate.

        • On RenWeb, you will be able to access your student’s grades, calendar, homework, forms, etc.  

If you are new to the school, go to and go to ParentWeb Login (upper right corner tab).  Click “Create new parents web account” using our school code:  SJ-AZ.  Type your email (this must be the email that St. Jerome uses to contact you).

Click “Create Account.” An email will be sent to you.  Please go to this email immediately and use the hyperlink to finalize your account.

All families must have a FACTS account, even if they plan to be fully covered by scholarships or tax credits. This is the tuition management system and is mandatory for all families.

Please register for FACTS at


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3645 E Indian School Rd #1, Phoenix, AZ 85018

Phone: (602) 220-0302