Art & Environment

Saint Jerome’s Art and Environment Committee

Making the church look beautiful year after year.

The Art & Environment Committee is designed to provide direct support for creating and maintaining an appropriate environment, made holy by the people who worship, and through the use of signs, symbols and rituals, create a prayerful environment in the Sanctuary and other parts of our church. Utilizing seasonal traditions of the liturgical year, the ministry both plans and executes the decorating of the church for various seasons and Holy Days throughout the church year. These elements guide us on our journey through the liturgical year by using all of our senses.

Are you looking for a place to showcase your creativity?

The Committee is always looking for members and volunteers. A “creative touch” is helpful, but we also need those who are willing to haul, move, set up and take down, and those with experience in Sewing (creation of Banners, Altar Cloths, etc) Carpentry/Woodworking, Floral Design and Gardening. Many hands are needed in this vital ministry. To join or volunteer please contact the Parish Office at 602-942-5555

Questions? Ask Us!

(602) 942-5555