Grading Scale

St. Jerome Catholic School follows the Diocesan Grading Scale.

Grades represent the cumulative result of test scores, homework, work attitude, use of class time, quality of participation in class, and teacher observation. Records of letter grades are kept by each teacher of grades K-8, and are recorded on the permanent record at the end of the school year. Pre-School and Pre-Kindergarten students receive a progress report in January and May. In grades K – 8, formal reports are issued to parents following each quarter. Formal parent conferences are held twice per year in the Fall and Spring. Parents wanting a more frequent report of student progress are asked to call the office for an appointment with the teachers.

Academic Grading Scale

Reporting for Kindergarten through 8th Grade uses the following scale:

                • A – 90 – 100%
                • B – 80 – 89%
                • C – 70 – 79%
                • D – 60 – 69%

This aligns with our Catholic and Public High Schools and gives our students the best competitive advantage in their educational journey.

Stay up to date with your child’s grades.

Letter grades are included with each quarter report. Parents are expected to remain informed by accessing their Ren Web account for up-to-date progress on their student’s academic performance.

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