SJS Catholic Identity

St. Jerome Catholic School is a ministry of St. Jerome Parish.  With our community, we share this mission statement:

The mission of St. Jerome Catholic School is we see God in all and respond with compassion and service while attaining excellence in education.

Here at St. Jerome, we strive to balance the students’ academic life with their spiritual life. Students

  • attend Mass at St. Jerome Parish every week.  
  • visit the chapel for Adoration time
  • pray together as a community when the day starts at assembly  
  • pray in the classroom 
  • pray at their classroom prayer corners
  • pray again as a community at the end of the day
  • learn to see their studies through a Catholic world view
  • they receive First Confessions, First Communion and Confirmation after being prepared.  
  • The school has a special week to celebrate St. Jerome with the parish  
  • The pastor and principal encourage students and parents to attend Sunday masses, especially the Family masses at the beginning of the month

The school integrates the Catholic faith throughout the curriculum.  The students have an academic Religion Class to learn the history and traditions of the Catholic Faith.  All teachers are certified Catechists and include faith and Catholic world view in their teachings.  Teachers attend Theology of the Body workshops (introduced into the curriculum beginning in August of 2019).  Students have discussions and write papers based on social justice issues around the world.

Parents are reminded that they are the primary educators of their children.  They are encouraged to attend masses, assemblies, prayer services and concerts.  Communications are sent out to inform parents of faith formation activities. 

Each classroom completes at least one community service event during the year.  Classes have collected money, food items, made crafts, helped to clean the Church and parents have joined students at St. Mary’s Food Bank.

Fifth through eighth graders perform 10 hours of service hours per quarter. 


We see God in all and respond with compassion and service.

Welcome to Saint Jerome Catholic Church! We welcome all to our church with open arms.

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