School-wide Spiritual Life

“In 1990, Pope John Paul II issued his encyclical letter Mission of the Redeemer, in which he said, “I sense that the moment has come to commit all of the Church’s energies to a new evangelization …. No believer in Christ, no institution of the Church can avoid this supreme duty: to proclaim Christ to all peoples.” All his successors, including Pope Francis, have enthusiastically endorsed and continued to issue this clarion call. To that end, one may wonder, “How does a Catholic school evangelize?” Catholic schools assist the Church in her mission of evangelization in 5 ways:

    • to be a place of encounter with the living Jesus Christ;
    • to be places of Spirit-filled community;
    • to impart a Catholic worldview through the curriculum;
    • to assist students in becoming free; and
    • to send students out as missionary disciples to transform the culture.”

From the Apostolic Letter Evangelization through Catholic Schools by Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted, Bishop of Phoenix.

Bishop Olmsted makes the spirituality and mission of the school clear. Our mission is to develop students who engage in the New Evangelization. Their studies in Art, Music, Social Studies, Science, Mathematics, Language Arts, Reading, Spanish, Physical Education and Religion have a specific end: to study these disciplines in a way that will enable them to have a sacramental worldview, a view of the world where they see God’s work in everything.

We see God in all and respond with compassion and service. This is how students at St. Jerome Catholic School live out the call to engage in the New Evangelization.  To see God in all, we must avail ourselves the opportunity to encounter Christ in the Eucharist. We can only see God in others when we recognize Him. We can only recognize Him when we have had an encounter with Him. We can only have an encounter with Him when we seek that encounter with him in the Scriptures, in the Sacraments, in Personal Prayer, and in the Eucharist.

For this reason, our students engage in reading the bible, scriptural passages are read at morning prayer, we attend mass, classes visit the adoration chapel, and we promote devotions the Mary, the saints, and to Christ.

We see God in all and respond with compassion and service.

Welcome to Saint Jerome Catholic Church! We welcome all to our church with open arms.

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