Altar Servers

Saint Jerome is in need of altar servers!

Is your child interested in being a church altar server?

An altar server has many ritual actions to perform, but what a reward he/she will feel in their heart as they are able to serve God and the community as well. This ministry provides an excellent opportunity for children to participate as leaders, in a very special way during mass.

As with other ministries, the ministry of server requires individuals to be trained so they can conduct themselves appropriately. Saint Jerome is in need of altar servers – children in fourth grade or above who have celebrated their Confirmation and their First Holy Communion may assist in this ministry If you are interested in volunteering as an altar server please contact Howard Birnbaum by phone at (602)-809-5442.

We see God in all and respond with compassion and service.

Welcome to Saint Jerome Catholic Church! We welcome all to our church with open arms.

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