Reading, English, and Language Arts

As a school, it is our goal to assist students in developing reading skills. Reading, English, and Language Arts are taught using research based pedagogical methods as well as information gathered from the ITBS and MAPs assessments.  Aside from the goal in building reading and comprehension skills in our students, our curricular program aims at the goals listed below.

While students continue to learn, develop, and practice their Catholic Identity, they will:

1. Implement reading, writing, listening, and speaking processes to communicate effectively in multiple contexts.
2. Participate in an integrated and interdependent approach to reading and writing, listening and speaking, and viewing and presenting.
3. Comprehend, discuss, and analyze selected literature focused on Catholic moral themes in accordance with the approved Diocesan Instructional Materials Selection Policy.
4. Develop critical thinking skills in order to expand awareness of self and others while recognizing and celebrating cultural diversity.
5. Read and comprehend informational and literary texts.
6. Use correct vocabulary, grammar, spelling, decoding, and comprehension in context.
7. Respond and perform under a broad range of assessment methods and teaching methodologies.
8. Adapt to and use a variety of media and technological resources to analyze, evaluate, and present subject matter.