Arizona Tuition Tax Credit Organizations

Everyone Can Afford A Catholic Education for their Children!!

St. Jerome Catholic School receives funding from tax credit organizations. St. Jerome Catholic School wants to make every effort to help all families receive scholarships to help defray the cost of a Catholic education. There are two ways to help pay for tuition at St. Jerome Catholic School:

Recommended Student Scholarships: This requires that you have an account with an organization that accepts tax credit monies that can be directed to your child.  The most commonly used organizations are Arizona Education Scholarship Fund (,  Institute for Better Education (IBE –,  and Arizona Tuition Connection (

Friends and family members can redirect their tax liability (what the state charges you for the privilege of living in Arizona) to these organizations and indicate that the monies should go directly to your student (Families who receive ESA and AAA are not eligible for these scholarships).  People can donate to a child up to 2 years prior to the child starting Kindergarten.

Using a combination of scholarship funds and monies redirected by family and friends directly to your child can greatly reduce your tuition payment!! Scholarship applications begin to open up in late January.

Here is what we ask you to do:  FILE YOUR TAXES EARLY! This is a key step to completing the scholarship application.  St. Jerome Catholic School is asking all families to apply for 6 tax credit scholarships as part of the re-enrollment process. This helps us help you receive the most amount of money possible.  We are also open to helping you out in the process.

Additional Student Tuition Organizations



Listed below are additional STO’s that award assistance based on various criteria that may be beneficial for your family. Feel free to research and apply for those organizations that may meet your specific family need, and remember to educate those you know on the benefits of taking the Arizona State Tax Credit.

Corporate award winners!

You are still eligible for awards from corporate funding!

Some of the STOs have separate applications for “individual” awards (money donated by individuals), “corporate” awards (money donated by corporations) and “corporate plus / switcher” awards. If your child is entering Kindergarten in August or transferring from a public school, your family may qualify for the “corporate plus/switcher” awards.  Please make sure to meet all deadlines for the specific STO you will be applying to.

Make sure you meet the requirements.

Before you apply for financial aid, you must have your Federal Tax Return completed.

Please take the time to have your tax return prepared early so that you can apply by the STO deadlines. There are limited funds available for the STOs, and those who apply early have the best chance of receiving assistance. Please visit for more information

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