Marriage at Saint Jerome

Congratulations on your engagement!

The Church rejoices that you have decided to give yourself to each other in a loving, life-long commitment and to enrich the Church and the world through your marriage. The vocation of marriage is written in the very nature of man and woman as they came from the hand of the Creator. The marriage covenant, by which a man and a woman form with each other an intimate communion of life and love, has been founded and endowed with its own special laws by the Creator.

Wedding Planning

Let Saint Jerome celebrate your marriage.

If you will be planning a wedding here at St. Jerome, there are many steps involved in the process, Please call the parish office to make an appointment with the Marriage Prep Coordinators. With Christ as the center of your relationship, we as a parish can partake in welcoming you and helping you start your sacramental life together.

When you make your first phone call, only the appointment with the Marriage Prep Coordinators will be set. We do not set wedding dates or times until the first interview.

Marriage Coordination in English:

Antonio Martinez

Marriage Coordination in Spanish:

Antonio Martinez

Questions? Ask Us!

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