First Communion/ Confirmation

First Communion/Confirmation at Saint Jerome

Strengthen your bond with Jesus Christ.

The Sacrament of Confirmation is a special moment in a person’s life where the Bishop, a representative of Jesus, calls upon the Holy Spirit to strengthen that person’s faith life.

The Sacrament of First Communion enables our children to become one with God and the church at the Eucharistic meal just as we become one with each other at family meals.

If you are interested in your child receiving the Sacraments of First Communion & Confirmation please follow the correct process for your child’s age group.

Completing the Christian Initiation

The Sacraments of First Communion and Confirmation complete the process of christian initiation, which began at baptism.

The christian is born anew by Baptism, strengthened by Confirmation, and receives in the Eucharist the food of eternal life. This process is designed to be the second year of the sacramental preparation journey and is a time of joyous celebration: an outpouring of the Gifts of the Spirit as well as receiving our Lord in communion.

First Communion/Confirmation FAQs

What are the requirements for a sponsor?

A sponsor must be a fully initiated Roman Catholic (baptized, confirmed, and receiving the Eucharist), at least sixteen years of age and a practicing Catholic.

What if my child's sponsor cannot be present for the celebration?

Another person can stand in as proxy but the actual Sponsor they have chosen will be recorded in the confirmation registrar.

Can I, as a parent, be my child's sponsor?

No, parents cannot be sponsors to their children. The person your child or young adult chooses needs to be another adult role model in the Catholic faith

Does my child need to choose a confirmation name?

The child or young adult can choose a confirmation if they choose; however it has become the accepted custom of the church to have the child confirmed with their given name.

Can I be an EME for the celebration?

If you are a trained EME then it is possible but this is dependent on the amount of ministers needed and will not be known before the week of the liturgy.

What is the dress code for Confirmation and First Eucharist?

Dress in a modest fashion (no spaghetti straps or bare shoulders, no shorts etc.)