We Welcome You To Saint Jerome

Hospitality is the friendly and generous reception of guests, visitors, or strangers.

What could be more important than how we welcome and treat those who walk through the doors of our church? The Hospitality Minister plays such a vital role as the face of our church as they are often the very first experience a visitor will have. Hospitality ministers must fully embrace and live out our mission statement in that “we see God in all and respond with compassion and service.”

Greeting people as they enter the Church, taking up the collection and helping to keep an orderly flow during communion are a few of the tasks of a hospitality minister but more importantly they are the ambassadors of St. Jerome.

If you are interested in being a Minister of Hospitality please contact the Parish Office at 602-942-5555

We see God in all and respond with compassion and service.

Welcome to Saint Jerome Catholic Church! We welcome all to our church with open arms.

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(602) 942-5555