From Our Pastor

Education is a word that is batted about constantly in the news and even at times in daily conversation. We usually think it is something given, but in reality if we look at the origin of the word it really means to ‘draw out.’ Thus, to educate is to draw out what is already there, nurture it and then allow it to grow and blossom.

That would be a simple way to define what St. Jerome School is all about. We welcome your children into a nurturing environment and draw out what you have bestowed upon them through your family, the domestic church, and more importantly we draw out what God has written upon their hearts. By doing this we help them to not simply read, write and do arithmetic, but we journey with them to a deeper relationship with Jesus the Christ. This relationship will provide a solid foundation as they continue to grow older, so that as they look at the challenges of the world around them they will do so not merely with the eyes of knowledge, but also with the eyes of faith.

We usually say that children are the future, but we need to realize that they are the today of our world and our church. Here at St. Jerome School we help them to learn that they are a part of the Body of Christ and no matter their age they are called to help build up the Reign of God here on earth. This will be done in the family, in the community, in the church and to every corner of the world.

As you entrust your children to our care, know that while we hold the highest standards of excellence as our goal, we will always reach out to the care and need of each individual child. We will also reach out to you to help educate the parents, guardians, family and friends of the children as well as we are here to support you as you continue to nurture your child, so that as they grow they will not only know that they are the hands and feet of Christ, but will extend these in love and service to their sisters and brothers in need.

In Christ’s Peace,

Fr. Gary