Why choose a Catholic education?

High Academic Achievement—Complex Thinker

Your child will receive a high level academic education with a challenging curriculum that will provide a strong foundation becoming a complex thinker. Students will use problem solving skills including analysis, interpretation, synthesis and evaluation of data and apply this knowledge and experience to new situations. Students will be organized in learning and perform skills at their grade level.

Faith and Values—Faith Follower

As a Faith Follower, your child will develop and expand their faith in God and the Catholic Church through full, active, conscious participation and will be encouraged to use Christ as a model for living. Additionally, they will be educated in Catholic doctrine as well as church tradition, and apply Christian conscience in making moral choices.

Opportunities to Excel—Life Long Learner

Life-long learning begins at birth, and is constant throughout life. As part of this process, your student will effectively communicate by understanding and interpreting. They will practice speaking, listening and writing both independently and cooperatively. Your child will understand and practice self-discipline skills learned through Discipline With Purpose and initiate own learning.

Sense of Community—Steward of Social Justice

As Stewards of Social Justice, students understand the call to treat others justly by always putting faith into action affirming the dignity and rights of others. As a small school, we build a sense of community for our students, parents, teachers, and parishioners through a variety of charitable endeavors. Many parents help organize events to support academic, spiritual and service oriented events.

If you and your child are interested in learning more about our school, please call us at 602-942-5644 to schedule a campus tour.