Letter From Our Pastor

On behalf of the Parish of St. Jerome,

I want to welcome you to our website.

In this day and age when we search out everything on our devices, looking for a church is no different. However, I would ask you to visit the Parish of St. Jerome to experience firsthand what a spirited, welcoming and alive community it is.

Part of what makes us full of life is the diversity that is evident from the first time you enter into our worship space. The community has changed over the decades, but one way to describe us is multi-cultural. This is because we are a welcoming community and we try to open our doors and our hearts in accepting all who are looking for a spiritual home.

While I have only been a part of the history of this parish for a little more than 6 years, I can say that those who come back week after week are here because they really do try to see God in everyone and all of God’s creation. It also can be seen that those who are sent forth from our celebrations go into the world to spread the compassion of Christ and his love with all that they meet.

Please spend some time on our website and after you have had some of your questions answered, think about coming to feel and see what words on a website cannot describe: the presence of God’s Spirit in the community.

In Christ’s Peace,
Fr. Gary