Parish Pastoral Council

The Parish Pastoral Council is a planning council focused on the church’s mission.  The council’s main purpose and contribution to parish management is really the practical wisdom and prudence that emerges in planning, that helps lead to good decisions, decisions that unify the parish.  This wisdom emerges from a dialogue among parishioners.  It does not represent a technical field or the parish administration but the common sense of the parishioners.

The pastor seeks practical wisdom for the sake of the parish and the Pastoral councils seek to represent practical wisdom, wisdom about what a community should do in a given situation.

Parish Pastoral Council Members

Father Gary Regula

Father Job Kundoni
Associate Pastor

Leslie Barasha

Paul Budde

Janet Cunningham

Monique Arroyo, Louise Civille, Kevin Barnes, Liz Diaz, Claude Halpe, Andrea Hardin, Paul Kaczmarowski, Karen Kowalski Mary Larios, James Heffington, Maria Ochoa, Eliseo Valdez

Parish Council Minutes 2018

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